Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Where did the time go?

It's July 13 and I am sitting here baffled at where the time has gone. I wrote a post back in May about how I was finishing all the craziness of spring 2011 and life was going to settle down. Boy was I wrong. This summer could not have been crazier. Here's the rundown:

Memorial Day weekend: New York for lacrosse tournament
Memorial Day: off to Colorado
June 5: return from Colorado
Next two weeks: Lacrosse camps
June 24-30: Florida for work
July 1 -4: Camping
July 7-14: Portland

Still to come:
2 whole weeks in town
August 1-5: Colorado

Week of August 8: Field hockey and MoBap start!

Where did it go? Crazy, crazy summer!
In other news, I am still on the Great American Apparel diet and doing a swell job. I have purchased 2 articles of clothing since January 1. Both were with gift certificates. Dang.

Portland pictures to come soon!

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