Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend was Labor Day and it was a beautiful, fun weekend. We went to the farm to camp for the first few nights and came home on Monday for some family time. I ended the weekend by watching one of my favorite little people on Tuesday morning. It was a wonderful holiday weekend and a great end to the summer.
Hanging with Dane on Tuesday am

The weather on Monday was unbelievable. The whole family hung outside in the yard for most of the day. The kids got out a sled and spent the time sledding down the hill on the side yard. It wasn't the most weather appropriate activity but they had a blast climbing on the sled and heading down the hill over and over again!
They were all smiles and laughs!

While the kids "sled" the adults played washers. Dad and I lost pretty badly (TWICE).
He did a good job, but I sunk two washers all afternoon.
All in all it was an incredible afternoon and holiday weekend.

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