Friday, June 21, 2013

My Roomie's Sweet Baby Girls

Back in September I drove down to Cape Girardeau to meet up with my college roommate and run a half marathon with her and her family. When I arrived she surprised me with the news that she just found out she was pregnant. I was so excited for her and her sweet husband, Daniel. We had a great weekend and returned to our respective towns. We talked regularly as she went through her first trimester. Then, early one Sunday morning I got a call from her. I missed the call and was immediately worried that something bad had happened. I called Rachel back and she immediately announced that she was pregnant with TWINS! They had gone to the hospital that morning thinking she was having complications and found out she was actually having two babies. She was over the moon. I loved following her pregnancy and was ecstatic when the babies were born. I had to wait a month to see them but was just excited to spend some time with Rach and her precious duo, Elin and Elliette. Enjoy! 

Elliette Kate 

what a sweet snuggler

Elin's crib
Elliette's crib
Rachel and Elliette

Elin makes many awesome facial expressions
hanging out with my sweet girl, Elin
I had such a wonderful time with the girls. I can't wait to get back to Cape Girardeau and see them again.

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