Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Mueths turned 30!

Last month both Tom and I celebrated our 30th birthday. Neither of us are huge on big celebrations so we decided to have a small backyard bbq with mostly family. It was a fun way to ring in our next year of life and celebrate with some of those most dear to us. Below are some of the pictures from the wonderful occasion. 

Me and my Godson, Dane.

It was a very sunny day so the party was moved to the shady part of the yard.
the kids ran around and had a blast

Joe asking Connor for forgiveness with a hug

my sweet niece, Eva June
Tom opening his birthday gift
A very sweaty Dane just adores Tom
Tom was thrilled to get a banjo for his birthday

my mom got me my very favorite cake from Lubeley's Bakery

We had a great time celebrating our birthdays and really appreciate the family and friends who made it so very special for us. Here's to many more celebrations in the future.

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