Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mueth Cali Trip: Day 3 in San Fran and Sonoma

After two days it was time to leave the beloved Big Sur area. We packed up and left our campsite early in the morning in hopes of getting some glimpses of San Francisco and heading on to Sonoma. While I am sure there is tons to do in San Fran we both really wanted to spend a little time in the Sonoma area and have an opportunity to do a wine tasting or two. We opted to drive through San Fran and just catch some sights. 

We only stopped for coffee and to look at a couple other small towns before we hit San Fran. Then we drove around and saw some of the famous sites.
I tried many times to capture just how steep the hills were
the house from Mrs. Doubtfire
Had to catch a glimpse of the Full House house
It was actually really fun to drive down the curvy Lombard Street. There were tourists everywhere!

Once we saw enough and were frustrated with the congestion of a city we were on our way. We drove over the bridge and saw some amazing views of the city and bay. My only regret was not stopping for on overlook on the other side of the bridge. However, we were definitely ready to get out of the city. I guess we just don't like to be in the middle of the hustle and bustle. 

We were hungry and pleased to find an In-N-Out burger on the other side of the bay. Tom, of course, quoted some movie line the whole time and I ate french fries for the second of MANY times on our trip. All in all it was a good fast food experience. We scarfed food down and were on our way to Sonoma. 

Sonoma was every bit as beautiful as you could possibly imagine. We were able to visit three different wineries and get a taste (literally) for what the wine country is all about. We picked up a few bottles of wine for later. It was a beautiful sunny day and a perfect way to spend our afternoon.

Our park in Sonoma was set back in the woods right in the middle of the vineyards. It was another wonderful campsite but we would only spend one night here. We had our tent pitched pretty quickly and decided to head back into town for some meat and veggies to grill. 

see the little deer behind the tent?

Our Sonoma wine collection

Tom is quite the campfire master

Sonoma was pretty perfect. This the one campsite where I wish we would have stayed another night. It was short and sweet for sure.

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