Friday, July 5, 2013

Frostie Fun Day

A few years ago I decided it would be fun to spend a day with the two younger Frost kids instead of buying them birthday presents. I couldn't think of anything to buy and decided I would just rather make a memory with them. Their birthdays are close together and they chose to spend their day together. This year I had a scavenger hunt planned for them and we enjoyed the day going from one activity to the next. I met them at my house around 10:00 am and this is the first clue they got: 

"Time to move quickly, let's be on our way, we don't want to miss anything on this special day. First, we will stop by your house and grab a toy with two wheels. Then, it is to the trail we go for laughter and squeels!"

We got the bikes and went to Grant's Trail. It was pretty hard for them but I think they enjoyed it! 

By the end my boy Trey was WIPED out

After biking they got another clue. They were so so tired and I was hoping we had not ruined the rest of the day. The second clue: 

"On that bike ride I bet you might have gotten hungry. Let's drop off our bikes then go eat somewhere yummy. Tacos and Nachos sound good to my tummy"

And off to Qdoba we went. Trey was close to taking a nap in the booth :) 

At lunch they got their next clue. 

"From Qdoba lets go to another place where we can play. It's a park in the city with sculptures and art. They have fountains to jump in and cool off it you are smart!"

Next stop....The City Garden. 

In the car after the City Garden another clue was read. The kids are smart and knew it was time for a treat! 

"We have had lunch and we have played, now it is time for a treat. I don't know about you, but I want something sweet!" 

Reading another clue after the City Garden
I let them pick between snow cones and ice cream. I wanted ice cream, they chose snow cones. Off to Tropical Moose we went. 

We had time for one more activity. I gave the kids their last clue: 

"We have had fun in the sun. We have had good food to eat. From all of the action I am sure you are beat. Let's head back to my house and relax in the basement. You can do an art project or watch a movie in amazement"

The chose to do art and Delaney made a great "D" letter for her door. Trey also painted a "T" for his door but it took much less time!

What a fun day with the kids! I can't wait until next year. 

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