Saturday, January 25, 2014

New York City- Day 1

After a great deal of planning and anticipation we finally arrived in NYC on Friday, January 17th. We tried to make this trip happen last summer but things just never came together. Everything happens for a reason and this couldn't have been a better timed trip. We anxiously watched the weather in hopes that we wouldn't freeze and packed all the warm clothes we have. Dave dropped us off at the airport on Friday morning so we could begin our adventure on the first (of hopefully many) Rau Family Girl's Trip. I have been to NYC multiple times so I had a blast playing tour guide for my family. I also learned so much more about the city in the process.

All of us at the St. Louis airport with our luggage
The fun began on the flight when our flight attendants entertained us with a game. Each column passed a roll of toilet paper back through the plane. The group that passed the roll the fastest without breaking it won a free adult beverage. Such a fun idea!

One of the true joys of flying into Laguardia is the feeling that you are about to land in water....that is a very sarcastic statement. 

In the car and heading to the apartment we rented for the weekend!

Our Charming Little Home with VERY steep stairs and no elevator. We had a lot of laughs walking up the three flights of stairs to our top floor apartment.

After a very quick check in we were on our way. I thought my family would get a kick out of Grand Central Station at rush hour so we immediately head there. They did enjoy watching all the people bustle about. 
see Amy and I in the middle of the action

Right outside of Grand Central is a sweet little bakery called Baked by Melissa. We got a box of these tiny little cupcakes. They are SO small but divine.

From there we walked to Rockefeller Plaza. We took pictures in the plaza before we took the elevator to the Top of the Rock for some amazing views of the city at night.

After Rockefeller Plaza we walked through Times Square to get a glimpse at night. We did a little people watching and snapped a few pictures and were on our way...not quite our scene.
I demonstrated the citi bike for all.

From Times Square it was back toward our apartment for dinner. We went to a little restaurant called Penelope and although we waited quite a bit we enjoyed a delicious dinner. When we returned to our apartment Kara surprised us by joining. It was great that we would have all the girls for part of the weekend. Stay tuned for Saturday adventures...

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