Tuesday, January 28, 2014

NYC Day 3

Sunday did not start so bright eyed and bushy tailed for our crew. Saturday was a LATE night and we (I) weren't quite ready to go when the alarm sounded. After much procrastination we got up and were at it again. Statue of Liberty and Little Italy were the primary goals of our Sunday agenda. 
just a little early am sister struggle
Not sure why we have another picture in front of our apartment, but I thought it was cute. We were all ready to go by 9:00 am. We were off for a beautiful day in the city. 

Everyone was excited to try our hand at the NYC subway system. Nothing screams tourist quite like taking a picture in the subway. I have ridden the subway many times but this was the first time I didn't get specific instructions from my friend...but we did well! 

After a quick subway ride we were back at Battery Park with tickets for Statue of Liberty in hand. Right when we walked up out of the subway one of the tour guides immediately recognized us. Funny sidenote: we were constantly pointed out as being sisters and looking alike. I do realize we look alike but it seemed as though people in NYC were OBSESSED with our resemblance. Although slightly chilly it was a lovely day to visit Lady Liberty.

After Statue of Liberty we, in our confidence, hopped back on the subway and took it to Little Italy. Luckily we were a bit late for normal lunch hours and were able to sit right down at Lombardi's, America's oldest Pizzeria. It was a great NYC spot with very yummy pizza. 

Little Italy was charming. From there we walked into Chinatown...not so charming. It was a nice experience to see how quickly the culture changed but it definitely was not our favorite place.

After our walk through Little Italy and Chinatown we jumped back on the subway...getting confident! We were going to head toward our apartment but decided to take the subway all the way to the Upper East Side instead. We went straight to Central Park to catch a couple daylight minutes.

We stopped in The Plaza to warm up and use the restrooms. The bottom floor is now a great little eating area which was neat to see. Phone charging became a serious focus of our days as we would all find that our batteries were draining very quickly. Here Amy looks sly as she charges phones from her purse at The Plaza. One might think she was just standing there. It was pitiful how hard we laughed at this scenario.

From The Plaza we walked Fifth Avenue to our apartment in midtown. We made a couple stops at St. Patrick's Cathedral and The Trump Tower.

a candle lit for dad at St. Patricks
cool wall at Trump Tower
After a long and exhausting day we stopped in a little pub for dinner. We were all eager to go to sleep early for our last day in the city.

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