Monday, May 4, 2015

Our Four Month old!

I cannot believe our sweet baby boy is already four months old. We love him more and more every single day. Just when I think I have tapped out on my love quota he smiles again or stares into my eyes or starts to do something new and I fall more in love with my little guy. It would be safe to say I am just about obsessed. We have been loving the beautiful weather lately and spending a lot of our days outside. We take walks, sit on the back porch and keep all of the windows open. He loves the outdoors just like his mommy and daddy. He has wowed us lately with his ability to stand while holding our hands. He has an affinity for his stuffed moose, Mitsu, and being around crowds and different people. He's starting to get more expressive each and every day. It's truly a pleasure to be his parents. 

*Sidenote: These pictures are in no particular order...sorry :) Feeling a bit lazy this am. 

Trace LOVES bath time. We can't wait to take him to the pool.

standing with help from mommy

Trace wore his business casual to go visit daddy at work.

we love our date nights out all together
Saturday morning reading time

Part 1 of Easter Pictures

Just Random Day to Day Photos with our boy

The beginning of month 4 included St. Patricks Day celebration. 

We were so lucky to get to visit with Megan for a few days mid March.

More random pictures with our boy

He ROLLED OVER! just once and not again yet. 

His first sporting event. MoBap women's lacrosse game.

Trace's very best buddy is his moose

Easter Part 2

Trace is no longer the youngest. On April 10th he got a new cousin. We are thrilled about his new buddy and cannot wait for them to play together. 

first time in a swing
Cardinals opening day

At his four month appointment Trace got 2 shots. Daddy came along for the first time since the one week appointment and was heartbroken by the little guy's big tears. We gave him a binky for the first time in order to help him recover. Doctor says he's perfect and just treated him for a little excema.

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