Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's the little things...

If you know me at all you know I don't often brag about my college experience. The university wasn't exactly where I wanted to be and the town left, for me, a lot to be desired. Although I don't long to go back and visit old Cape G, there are a few gems that remain there, and every time I spend even an hour with them I feel incredibly blessed. The picture below was taken in early February. Leslie (left) had sweet JD on January 29th. Leslie, Rach and I were college roommates at the 123 Henderson. Great times were had by all during that glorious year. 

In this picture sweet JD is a few days old
Rachel wouldn't hand over the baby so we could completely remake that early picture. Please notice how amazing Leslie looks and how big JD is at just under three months. 
Such a sweet little guy
Love it!
He was really fighting to stay awake and play scrabble. 

I returned this am from my wonderful day in Cape. I had dinner with Rach, Leslie, and L's Daniel on Thursday night. Friday I had lunch with Lindsey Jo. She was a young life kid we spent a lot of time with during her sophomore-senior year of high school. She is now a sophomore in college... and stinkin awesome. Friday afternoon I went hiking with Rachel and R's Daniel at Trail of Tears. Friday night I hung out with Leslie and L's Daniel making dinner and playing scrabble. It was seriously the biggest blessing ever. I love those girls, I love sweet JD, and I always forget what a breath of fresh air it is to spend time with them. Hopefully I make it back sooner rather than later. 

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