Friday, April 10, 2009

SPENSA Service Project

Oh my goodness, my sabbatical has nearly killed me. Let me be very clear: my lack of blogging was not by choice. The ole macbook was completely filled with video, photo, and audio. After many a hours (and almost tears) at the apple store it is restored. I doubted the little cult known as the apple store and, more specifically, the genius bar for quite some time. However, they have proven themselves in this. So, one week and many computer hours later, here are the pictures from my team brunch at my parents, and the service project we did with the Special Needs Soccer Association. 

1.2.3... find the coach
working with a player
oh my goodness was he cute
Lauren and Kayla with "their boy"
cheering Alex to the goal

This was an absolutely incredible day for our team. The service project was moving, educational, fun, and inspiring. Seriously, I loved it. After the service project we enjoyed a delicious brunch at my mom and dad's house. To finish an amazing day we won, not one, but two games. This was probably one of my favorite days of the season. 

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