Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just some more Rau Family Fun

The mac book has NOT been doing it's job, and to be perfectly honest, I can't do anything about it unless I head up to that little cult inside the Apple Store and let those guys at the genius bar take a look. I am pretty sure they love to show how much they know. That explains my lack of updates. I stole these pictures from my sis, and good pics they are. We had a family evening at the Adult Easter Egg hunt. I think I am a bit too competitive for recreational activities such as Easter Egg Hunts. I also have a hard time following the rules. AND all I won was a stinkin Extra Value Meal from McDonalds, even though I did have a golden egg. They said those golden eggs meant something. I'll just wait for my personal phone call. Anyway, enjoy the pics. 

The Girls- My mom and sisters. 
That mom of mine certainly does blend in with some girls half her age. 
head lamps.... nbd

I should probably also note that adult easter egg hunt means byob easter egg hunt. We weren't aware/probably wouldn't have been doing JELLO SHOTS anyway. I mean really people. This family did things our own way. No alcohol, no crazy shananigans. Just some good ole wholesome fun with headlamps, easter bags, and maybe a dozen or so extra eggs. What was the limit again? ... eight, no seventeen. 

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