Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sweet Summertime!

To most of the world it's beginning of baseball season, spring cleaning time, and crunch time for seniors. To the mobapian world it is sweet summertime. You heard it right, folks, those of us who are students or employees at the good ole MBU have already started our summer vacation. Sweet gig, I know. However, on those days that I do report to the office I miss moments like this: 
Susie and I paraffin waxing our hands in the training room. 
Amanda doing her rehab

These days work consists of fighting off consistently ridiculous comments from my officemates while also trying to find four more girls interested in playing lacrosse at MBU while simultaneously holding in any bathroom needs seeing as they have turned off the water in my building and all adjacent buildings for that matter. It's a pretty crazy life I live. Tomorrow I will opt for breakfast with a friend, a signing, and perhaps a run. Yep, sweet summertime!

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