Saturday, August 13, 2011

Engagement Pictures

We have debated on whether or not we wanted engagement photos and when we would get them taken. When our photographer offered us two extra hours on our wedding day in exchange for the engagement shoot we decided that would be a good move. We have a friend who takes phenomenal pictures and decided we would ask him for some help. JP and his wife, Kelsey, were eager to help and even went to scout out the location. Tom chose the Shaw Nature Reserve off of highway 44 and a great choice it was! The weather cleared beautifully and it was just slightly sweaty! The wildflowers were gorgeous as well as the rest of the grounds. We had a great time and Tom was a wonderful sport. Below are a few of our very favorite. I was shocked to see that there were actually tons of great shots captured.

Loved this picture taking day so much...exactly 14 months until the big day! Ugh! I will say the last 2.5 have gone fast.

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Anonymous said...

Katie, These pictures are so good, one better than the other. You look so happy!!