Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dane's Second Birthday Party

Saturday we headed to Ste. Genevieve for Dane's second birthday party. It was mainly family gathering to celebrate the little guy. All the little kids were around so the cousin fun was in full force. I had a blast watching the kids and taking pictures of them throughout the day. Dane was so cute as the little man of the day.
Delaney and Dane watching Joe roll over
Delaney put Joe on all of Dane's favorite toys.

Joe on the sit and spin
Delaney is the best little baby sitter
Joe as a little fireman
Joe riding the zebra
Trey and Delaney in Dane's football tent
Dane in his football tent
Dane, the future quarterback
Since the beginning of July Dane has been telling us he is going to turn two and asking us to "sing happy". We finally put a cake in front of him and sang and he seemed totally unamused. He did try to blow out his candles.
Dane opened his gifts. He would open a gift and then stare at it and try to get it opened each time (except for with my clothes). I think it was hard for him to open the next gift without playing with each toy.

Dane got a cool wooden airplane from his grandpa
And Joe just wanted the handle in his mouth
Dane also got a John Deere tractor and loved that.
I think the little guy had a great birthday. He loved playing with his cousins and got a ton of new toys.

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