Sunday, October 9, 2011

Why Don't You Stay?

I was so excited to hear that Sugarland would once again be coming to St. Louis. I went with my sisters, mom, and friend, Melissa 3 years ago when they came to Scottrade Center with Keith Urban. We had a blast so we were all eager to go see them the second time around. This time it was Mom, Tammy, Stephanie, Kara, Melissa and me. Stephanie is scheduled to be induced a week from tomorrow so we were all a little anxious about having the most pregnant woman at the concert sitting on the lawn with us :) She did a great job despite her 9 month pregnant belly.

I also sold some extra tickets to a couple girls on my team so I was curious to see if I would see them the night of the show. We walked in during the third song of the opening act and I immediately saw Amanda from my team. The happened to be sitting in front of one of the only free patches of grass on the lawn. With prego in tow we decided we just wanted to take a quick seat. Sure enough, we plopped our blanket down right behind my players. I was a bit uncertain about this, but we ended up having a blast! Kara was camera happy, so below are some pictures we snapped through the night.

Talking with Amanda about how cute Jennifer Nettles is :)
Mom and Stephanie
The whole group together
Me with Susie and Eli
Belting out "Stay" just like we do in the van :)

With Kara
with Mel

What a fun show! She is always a blast to see live and it was a beautiful fall evening for the occasion.

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