Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Trip to Ste Genevieve

This past weekend Tom and I decided to go to Ste Genevieve and spend some time with my sister, Stephanie, her husband and their sweet boys. It's such a quick and easy drive and we were so looking forward to more one on one time with the boys. We arrived Saturday morning and hung out for a while before heading to the Crown Valley Brewery. We had a groupon so we had some lunch, a couple drinks, and bought a growler to take home for the evening. It was fun to just hang out and watch some college football.
Tom and I at the brewery
When we left the brewery we called my sister to wake Dane from his nap so we could go hiking at Hawn State Park. Tom and I went backpacking in the park about a month ago and really enjoyed the trail. I thought Dane would love it since he loves being outside. He totally did. He ran down the trails, jumped off logs and threw rocks into the water. He had a smile on his face the whole time. Below are some pictures from our adventure on the trail in Hawn State Park.

Tom and Dane starting their hike

Dave and Dane take a break during the hike

Dane was along for the ride

Getting ready to throw a rock into the water
Finishing the hike. Dane ran out saying "I see Daddy's truck!"
That night we hung hung out at home with everyone. We made some pizza and relaxed.
Me with baby Reese
Sweet Baby Reese
In the am... hanging out with my sweet boys
What a great visit! It was fun not having to share the boys with any other aunts and uncles.

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