Sunday, January 8, 2012

Perfect Weekend!

Our weekend started with a little illness but it was nothing a 70 degree January day couldn't fix. Once Tom was off work we took a walk in the beautiful weather and ordered some 50% off Papa John's pizza. We had a great night in complete with pizza and an early bedtime.

Saturday was a little chillier but still gorgeous for January. I started the day with some Bikram Yoga. The sun was shining so Tom and went out for a little hike. We kept it close and only went for about an hour at Emmeneger Park in Kirkwood. It was perfect. The weather was beautiful and the hike was just the right length.

After an absolutely lovely day Tom's mom picked us up to take us to the Blues game. We had our tickets for our all inclusive seats and were excited for our first (and maybe only) game this year. We enjoyed food and beverages in the Blue Note Lounge before the game.

Then we went down to our seats and watched the game from close proximity. It was SO fun. We saw a 4-0 win with 3 goals on our end.

we were close

It was SO exciting!
After the game we had another drink in the Blue Note Lounge while we waited for my sister to pick us up (Thanks, Kara).
Who cares if I hate about 20 bags of popcorn ?!

Tom likes to take pics of himself
And because the Blues scored 4 goals we scored free Big Macs today. This is Tom eating his first Big Mac in years because, why not?, it's free!
What an awesome and fun weekend. Now we are on the couch relaxing for the week ahead. Already one week through the dreaded January!

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