Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Favorite Gift

I haven't posted in a couple weeks because life has just been normal. I have been working and and cooking and hanging out and enjoying a not too crazy St. Louis winter. I have enjoyed all of those things. Lacrosse started this past week. It's nice to be back on a more strict schedule and be back in the gym with the girls. I have been quite impressed by them in these first couple of days. Everything is pretty normal. Not ho hum, but normal. This past weekend was wonderful and relaxing. Friday was a night in watching a movie. Saturday morning I ate my dad's famous french toast and hung with a couple siblings and their kids. Pretty laid back and fun. Saturday during the day I hung out with these guys....
Claire and Dane showing off their Valentines they picked out

And Relaxing in the cart together
Saturday night we went to dinner and hung out with Tom's family. Today was spent sitting on the couch watching football. What a wonderful weekend of family time and relaxation. As I was considering finally blogging after a week hiatus I remembered I never blogged about my favorite gift I GAVE this year for Christmas. I love to give unique gifts. I spent a ton of time creating this little gem for my four youngest nieces and nephews. I stole the idea from Jodie Allen at Fresh Art Photography. When I saw her alphabet book on her blog I knew I had to do it for my young nieces and nephews. They absolutely adore each other and I knew they would love a book full of pictures of their favorite people and things. Here are some of the pages... An alphabet book with family pictures.

I LOVE the drool pic

and the kiss pic

and the scared pic :) All awesome expressions from this little guy.

All four of them yawning

And sleeping.
This was such a fun gift to create. I took, gathered and organized pictures. Then, I categorized them on my computer. Threw some out. Took some more pictures. Created the pages. Added the words. And had it printed. I love how it turned out.

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jodie said...

This looks awesome Katie! I'm SO glad you did it! And I love that you did it for your nieces and nephews! That's why I did it at first too but then I made one for myself and we love it! :)