Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Day

This year Christmas seemed to fly by. On Christmas Day my dad was sick and didn't get to leave his bedroom. That was the gift we were most excited to give so that was kind of a bummer. We ended up getting together on New Year's Day to give it to him. I was a little under the weather myself. It ended up being a sinus infection, but on Christmas Day I had zero appetite, chills and a sore throat. Next day was full fledged migraine and sinus infection. Bummer, but alas I survived. Many other Rau family members were taken out by the flu so I guess it could have been worse. I did really enjoy my first Christmas as a Mueth and just love spending the holidays with my husband. 

Our little Christmas tree on Christmas morning
three sweet boys in their matching excited for presents
trying to wait so patiently

Delaney is such a sweet cousin and let the boys play with her brand new Kindle Fire while they waited.
Claire was so sweet and patient the whole morning 
Some of the nieces and nephews in their pjs on Christmas morning

It's so fun that there's often a first Christmas taking place at my parent's house! LOTS of babies. This year was Trey's first Christmas. Last year was Reese and the year before was Joe! I loved watching Trey open his presents...with a little help of course.

Mama with a lot of her babies
Ever since we were little we have taken a picture on the stairs. We have forgotten just a few years. We stand in youngest to oldest order in our pjs. When we were very little we would all be in matching pjs and would have to go back upstairs and come running back down for the video camera. I love me some holiday traditions.
All the kids in order. So fun that everyone was there this Christmas morning.
all the kids with spouses
an absolutely horrific attempt at a grandkids picture on the stairs. Lots of madness in this picture
Baby Trey and his great grandma's house
Doesn't he have the sweetest smile?
We didn't get a white Christmas but did get a little snow right after the holiday. The first snow at our new house! Notice the precious new tree in the front yard....hope the snow helps it grow :)

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