Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Not So Much Love in Philly

I've gone to Philly many times for lacrosse stuff. My first trip to Philly was 12 hours after moving home from college and before I ever started coaching. I have now been many times. It's usually absolutely freezing so I try to avoid leaving the hotel. Since it is a convention in the hotel that isn't difficult to do. This year the weather was great. I was excited to get out of the hotel on Saturday morning and go for a run. I was out in shorts and a fleece jacket and it couldn't have been more wonderful. The famous Rocky stairs were just 1.5 miles from my hotel. I must admit I have never seen the movie but I was very familiar anyway. I ran down there and snapped a few pictures. 

 It was a lovely morning in Philly but it was slightly foggy. I ran the Rocky steps a few times and captured a couple cool shots from the top.

The City of brotherly LOVE with the flags and steps in the background                                                                                     
Me at the top of the Rocky steps with foggy Philly in the background                                                                                            

After a lovely day running and going to lacrosse sessions I decided I would head to the airport. I went a bit early because I was afraid of the weather in st louis. I really didn't want to deal with cancelled flight. I wasn't able to get on an earlier flight so I waited five hours for my later flight. When it came it was unfortunately a small plane. We got on, waited for 50 minutes and took off for DC. When we got to DC we started to land then flew back into the air. We then circled the airport before returning to Philly. It was SO very frustrating.

When we got back to Philly they had to rebook me on a 7:20 am flight to St. Louis. I was frustrated beyond belief but booked my flight and headed to a hotel. When I got there I enjoyed a blue moon to reward myself for a crazy day of "travel"

I woke up in the morning to a message from United. My flight was cancelled. Frustration. They rebooked me on a 11:10 flight. I watched Big and face timed with my buddy, Joe. That flight was cancelled also. Finally, I got on a 2:05 flight and headed home. It was beyond frustrating. What a weekend. 

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