Monday, January 28, 2013

Date Weekend

Last weekend was practically a full weekend long date with the plans we had. It's nice to get this time now because pretty soon lacrosse is going to start and we will have minimal time together. Friday night after work we left town and drove to Columbia. We had dinner with Alex and Paul for Paul's birthday. After dinner it was a fun, low key night hanging at their place. Saturday morning it was pretty mild outside. We went for a short walk in the woods near their house before it was time to head home. 

Paul and Tom 
there was still some ice left on the trail and in the water

After our short hike we had to head home for our Saturday night plans. Tom gave me tickets to the Bloc Party concert as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. I have never heard or listened to Bloc Party but he thought it would be a fun date night. It was fun indeed. We tried a couple different dinner spots to watch the first Blues game of the season but all were full. We ended up at Picadilly on Manhattan and had a great dinner on their covered deck. After dinner we went to the Pageant. Both the opening band and Bloc Party put on a great show. We had a blast. 

I really enjoyed watching the drummer. He had a big
personality and was wearing no shirt and jorts! 

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