Monday, October 21, 2013

Meet Tedi

Just about a month ago I started thinking about how much my mom would love a golden doodle puppy. Her golden retriever, Molly, has had some recent health issues so I thought a new puppy might be just what both mom and Molly needed. I asked my friend's family where they got theirs and gave the place a call. Next thing I knew we had an appointment to go see some puppies. Mom was so excited. It was a beautiful fall dayfor a one hour drive into the countryside of Illinois.
The drive included a ferry ride which everyone thought was pretty cool.

When we got to the farm the first thing we noticed was the dogs and this cool brick building. The property was on a beautiful peice of land in Illinois just an hour from St. Louis.
The owner immediately showed us to where the puppies were and we oohed and ahhed over all the tiny furrballs. We finally got the chance to get one out and we immediately fell in love. We stayed for a while just playing with the sweet baby and passing her around.

Finally, we decided we should leave. Mom was going to think on it and come back another day. As we drove down the drive I showed mom a picture on the website of the puppies with their mom and dad. She immediately said, "Okay, let's get her!" We stopped the car and walked back inside. The puppy immediately ran toward mom and she knew she was the one. She got a bath, we filled out paperwork and we were on our way with mom's new sweet puppy.

Over the last month everyone has had a chance to fall in love with Tedi. She is such a sweet puppy. She is so playful but will also lay down and cuddle. She has brough so much joy into all of our little gatherings and we are so happy mom decided to get her that day. 

Below are a ton of pictures of Tedi over the last month. She has been so fun to watch. Molly isn't so sure what she thinks of her but Tedi is bound and determined to be Molly's friend. She really has helped Molly perk up a bit. I try and try to get a picture of the two of them but Tedi jumps at the camera and is constantly moving. Molly is much easier to photograph!

We took Tedi to meet the Holley's golden doodles. They got their mini from the some place as Tedi. It was so fun to see Tedi play with them. So sweet.
Look how much my mom just loves sweet.


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