Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wedding Anniversary Weekend

Life must just be moving quickly because I cannot belive it is already our first wedding anniversary. October 13, 2012 was an absolutely perfect day. From the weather to the guests to the times shared with Tom and every other detail I couldnt have imagined anything better. Tom and I had the time of our lives. We couldn't be grateful for the day we had to start our life together as husband and wife.
A year later we were trying to decide a fitting way to celebrate. We unexpectedly were invited to the Cardinal's game on Friday night. We went with our brother in law and Tom's sister. It was such a fun night and absolutely beautiful weather for the game. 

My brother text me to express his shock that I might still be awake for the game that was going into extra innings.Tom and I took this picture to send him and let him know that I was, in fact, very awake.
However, at 12:15 I was STRUGGLING. I took this picture to show just how tired I was.
Finally, the game was over. The Cards won! It was such a fun celebration at 12:30 in the morning. 

Saturday evening we had multiple plans. We decided to stick with the gatherings and see if we had time to go out together afterwards. We went up to Des Peres park for the fall festival. There was great Bluegrass music, hayrides and fun activities. We really enjoyed the time we spent there with Tom's mom and some members of my family.

As the sun set it was time for an outdoor movie. The temperature was dropping so all the kids gathered under blankets and Tom, his mom and I head out.

From the festival we went to the anniversary party for Crush, the cycle studio where I teach. It ended up being such fun that we stayed there the rest of the night. We talked with some of our fellow Crushers and finally head home around 12:00. Two late nights for this early bird.

On Sunday we spent the day with just the two of us. First, we went to a park out in St. Charles County where we found a loop to hike. We got lost as usual but we had a good time. The weather was perfect.

From the hike we went to Cedar Lake Cellars. This was a winery I was interested in for our wedding. it was a little too off the beaten path so I decided against this location. However, it was great for a little getaway. The property was beautiful and the band was so fun. We spend a couple hours there before heading home for the evening.

When we got home for the evening we decided to stay in rather than go to dinner as planned. We had some wine and opened up our one year anniversary cards from our wedding day. It was such fun and something I would recommend to every bride and groom. My only regret is that we didn't have someone going to tables to make sure everyone filled out a card. We loved reading the cards we have and will probably enjoy reading them on anniversaries to come.

We had a great time celebrating one year as Mr. and Mrs. 

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