Thursday, October 31, 2013

Two Babies, One Week!

For the second time, Tom and I got two new family member's in one week! You may remember this post from 2011 when Baby Trey and Eva were born just four days apart. Ashley went into the hospital the day Kate left. It was exciting to have two new babies at the same time.
 We found out back in May that that would happen again! Kara and Ann were both pregnant, due just days apart. This time we were hoping they would actually overlap. No such luck. Kara left the hospital just hours before Ann went in. Meet two new adorable babies. Tom and I are ecstatic to be aunt and uncle again.

Molly Katherine Emerson
born October 15, 2013

Ryan James Bussen
born October 17, 2013

I've already had the opportunity to babysit sweet Molly while Kara and Claire went to Claire's soccer game. I had a blast taking her on her first walk. What a sweet and tiny little one.

Tom and I are looking forward to watching these kiddos grow up.

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