Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday Hike

This past weekend was crazy busy so we didn't get a hike in until Sunday night. We didn't have much time and weren't sure if it was going to storm so we went to Emmeneger Park in Kirkwood. It was a short easy hike, but it was one none the less. We enjoyed ourselves and this little respite just minutes from Tom's apartment.
This picture is looking into Fenton from the "bluff" at Emmeneger
Tom didn't like that he couldn't see my face so I had to turn my hat to the side.
That's a cute one ...ha

I got to see Leslie for a bit this weekend too.. that's always a treat.

Short post for a pretty blah weekend. I love my lax ladies but I will be excited when the season is over and I have my weekends back. Two weeks until conference in Georgia!

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