Thursday, April 28, 2011

An "Adult" Easter Egg Hunt of Sorts

Throughout the season I would tell my team it was time to ball hunt in the tall grass at the park where we practiced. Eventually, as I used the term ball hunt repeatedly the girls began asking for an easter egg hunt. I said "sure" knowing full well we wouldn't have time for egg hunts during the end of the season. However, as I prepared to head to Georgia for our post season tournament I thought it might be nice to surprise the girls with an Easter egg hunt for Easter weekend.

Meredith, the athletic trainer, and I snuck some eggs and candy into our room and began to fill them. The next morning Bill, our lovely bus driver, took us to the park and dropped us off. We hid all 92 eggs in 10 minutes while he went back to pick up the girls. They were ecstatic when they jumped off the bus! It was pretty fun since they were (or at least acted) excited about the egg hunt.
Below is a picture of them heading out to hunt some eggs.
A cool stump in the park
Vanessa and Amanda with their eggs
The whole team with their eggs
And Susie, who is apparently a small child. She found almost half of all the eggs.
I almost didn't do the egg hunt because I didn't know if they would be excited enough for all the energy it would take. But they were! We had a blast.

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