Monday, April 4, 2011

Hiking Babler State Park

Last weekend Tom and I head out to Babler State Park in Wildwood to try on of the many trails. Five inches of snow had fallen on Saturday night so there was a beautiful fresh blanket of snow on everything. We bundled up and put on our good tracti
on boots. The park was empty so it was so quiet and nice to be out there. I took the picture below when I got out of the car and was eager to take more pictures along the trail.
However, we made it maybe two minutes up the trail when Tom stepped on a tree root and started to fall. It seemed to happen in slow motion as we both totally saw him going down. Unfortunately, he tried to brace himself and ended up dislocating his finger on a tree trunk. Itw as horrible to say the least. I did not see his dislocated finger because he snapped it back into place before I could see...ouch! Needless to say we don't have anymore pictures from that hike as we immediately turned around and went home.
This past Sunday we went back to Babler to try and conquer the trail. We hiked the Dogwood Trail. It was pretty easy, but it was also a beautiful little windy trail. It was a record 90 degree day so it was quite a difference from our hike last Sunday.
Above is a picture of Tom standing on the tree that took him down.
Check out his sweet finger brace :)
Tom and me on Dogwood Trail

One of many trees down along the trail. A tornado went through this area just weeks ago and there were many trees down all along the route.
We are hiking our way right through The 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles of St. Louis and enjoying every minute of it!

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