Monday, April 18, 2011

A Lovely Weekend IN TOWN

This past weekend I did not have any plans. I was eager to be in town without anything to do. Friday afternoon I met up with Steph and Dave and took Dane for a few hours. We went to hang out with the Frosts and a storm moved in. This is that cute little dude watching the storm from the front porch.
Dane loves to be outside. We were hanging out inside on Friday night and he kept trying to go out. Below is a pic of him peeking out the door and Molly hoping she can sneak out too.
Trey is always a big help with his younger cousins. He was so sweet to help me bathe and dress Dane. He even had Dane stand up so he could clean him with the loofah. It was really the sweetest thing ever.

Saturday the weather was crappy and I watched some lacrosse. Sunday was beautiful once again! Tom and I planned to spend the day together to celebrate 2 years. We drove to Pere Marquette park in Illinois on Sunday am. We hiked on the beautiful trails there. It was a gorgeous there and so green. There was a snake on the trail which was the worst, but otherwise it was awesome.

Our normal weekly hike picture

When we drove back into Missouri we stopped at Crown Candy Kitchen for dessert. We each had a chocolate malt and needed a nap afterwards.
For the evening Tom planned for us to go bowling and to dinner at Qdoba. Our first "date" was lunch at Qdoba so that was pretty cute and thoughtful of him. Overall it was a great day.

One more weekend of lacrosse then I get to go back to having free weekends again. I. CANT. WAIT!

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