Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A favorite activity with a favorite person!

In college I became involved with the Young Life ministry. I LOVED it. I made great friends and still have contact with many of the high school girls. During my student teaching experience I taught 8th grade english at Nipher Middle School. Shorftly after I became involved with Young Life Kirkwood. It wasn't a very difficult experience because many of the kids I taught had entered high school. One in particular: Abby Mac. When Abby ended up at tailgating it was an easy and natural connection. She knew me from the classroom and immediately learned I was way more weird than I ever acted there. We clicked and our relationship began. Abby is now a junior in high school. I adore her. I have been privileged to stay with her when her parents go out of town, go to KU basketball, enjoy Starbucks, and recently have been invited to dinner with Reg and Carol... so fun! Below are some pictures during our pumpkin carving and recent dinner. 
Abby and I collaborated on this! 


abby mac said...

I am honored to be a part of your blog!

Megan said...

Hola Ms. KTR!! So, I checked out your blog as well as many of your past entries- and I feel like I have just caught up on your life missy:) It was a very charming and warming view into your life- what a lucky lady to be surrounded by so much life! I always have a great time seeing you. We will do it again and again. my email address is We will chat soon:) much love, megan