Monday, November 10, 2008

Right now...

this is where I am: 

* It's cold. I don't love it. I struggle with it. I am trying to make the best of the weather, but to be perfectly honest it is a daily decision to be positive... and will be til March. 

*I love red starbucks holiday cups and the white lights they hung on the buildings while I worked in my office today. They both make me very, very happy. 

* I have a cool family. I feel like daily God is saying, "Aren't you glad you didn't move?" The biggest way he says that is through time spent with Terry, Sharon, my siblings, and the kids. 

*Mission trip '09 is on. I am pumped. I will leave June 1st and go to Florida for training. From there I will go to Brazil, Thailand, Australia, and Africa. Mucho dinero people, but well worth every penny. 

*I'm being cheap... See previous post... it's not easy for me. 

*I have a rediscovered love for bible study and church. God's been teaching me a lot. It has been really cool. I hope it continues to grow until I leave for my trip in June. 

*Grace... this world is crazy and that's what we all need. Everyone needs grace. From a stranger, a loved one, a boss, a best friend, a student, a doctor, and ultimately God. We need to show each other a little more grace, so we all know it's okay to make mistakes.


TER said...

I know you think you want to live in Colorado... but I'm just here to tell you that winter is REALLY long there. And it sucks. I think you actually want to live in Florida. It is a gorgeous 75 degree November day. You should think about it.

susie edwards said...

oh i love you coach.and i love holiday cups...