Sunday, November 23, 2008

Let me make a list...

It's been noted... I hate winter. Seriously, it just isn't good for a girl who LOVES sunshine, being tan, spending time outdoors, sandals, athletic shorts... should I go on? Anyway, during these months o' misery I sometimes become quite a crab. I decided it would be good for me to make a list of the things I am o' so grateful for during my less than grateful months. 
Here's a few: 

*The sun still shines 
*Lots of warm fleeces 
*Warm drinks (hot tea, chocolate, and lattes) 
*People to snuggle up indoors and watch tv/movies with
*Time spent with my sisters 
*The snow that WILL fall 
*Christmas Lights 
*Thanksgiving Dinner with family 
*Black Friday shopping with my sisters 
*All the holiday festivities 
*People coming in town 
*Christmas break on the college campus 
*Off Season 

I could go on... see, a good activity for me. This helps me to remember that although my toes are always cold, my lips are chapped, and I can't wear what I want to, life really isn't that bad :) 

1 comment:

Lizzie said...

Katie - I believe that today you were wearing a running skirt and t-shirt when we worked out and ran errands, even though it is the end of November!!