Sunday, November 2, 2008


20 years ago... I was five years old hanging out with Sharona during the day. We watched a lot of Winnie the Pooh and ate a lot of Kirkwood Bakery Smiley Face Cookies. It was good times.

10 years ago... I was fifteen years old. I had just finished my freshman year of field hockey. I still couldn't run a mile. I had never touched a lacrosse stick in my life. None of my siblings were married.

5 years ago.... I was twenty years old in my sophomore year of college. I stayed home for this semester. I was working at Bread Co and volunteering with the youth at church. I was kinda, sorta, really, terribly, bored.

3 years ago... I was twenty two years old in my senior year of college. I was living with Rachel, Mindy, and Leslie in Cape. We were usually doing something ridiculous. I had probably just received my placement for Ladue Middle School and Nipher to student teach. I was pursuing the possibility of seeing if they may need assistance with Kirkwood Lacrosse.

So far this year... I decided to move to Colorado. I received a job in St. Louis and decided to stay. I was in a good friend's wedding. My sister, Tammy, got married. My sister, Kara, got pregnant. My brother, TJ, got engaged. I moved into an apartment with Annie, a new friend. Started my new job at Kirkwood. ....wooo... big year.

Yesterday... I hung out in Boulder with Lara Holley. AND MOLLY! I saw one of my lacrosse girls off at college (which makes me feel really old). She is doing great, her dorm room is darling, and lunch was fun! Love you Mols!

Tomorrow... Recruit coming to campus, dinner with an old roomie, allergy shots... the norm.

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Molly said...

excuse me.... you also hung out with me in boulder.