Friday, November 28, 2008

A Rau Family Tradition

A Rau family Thanksgiving ends with a Rau family slumber party to usher in the holiday season. Thanksgiving 2008 ended with Stephanie and Dave sharing the best room in the house (as usual) while I snuggled up with Trey and Taylor in the extra bedroom. Froggie  (as we lovingly called Trey since he lost his voice) tapped me on the shoulder just as I was falling asleep, "Aunt Tatie... Let's make a fort!" So while Stephanie and Dave caught some zzz's in the queen size plush bed I struggled to first make, then fall asleep under a suffocating fort with Trey and Taylor in a full size bed. You be the judge of how fair that is. Trey continued to cry in his sleep and snore like an old man until the four am alarm sounded. I am pretty sure I got about two hours of sleep before I found myself blinking into the bathroom light while listening to Steph and Amy complain of their stomach woes from the overconsumption of T-Day goodness. Long story short, by five am we were at Walmart in Chesterfield with every other crazy person in St. Louis County. 
We didn't make it out the door without waking Lou Lou, so she joined. She didn't make it long before she was sound asleep, sucking her thumb, in the cart at Walmart. 
The crew of crazies waiting in line to check out at Walmart (about 5:30 am)
Stephanie and Amy calling to verify the legitimacy of a purchase. 
Let me prereq this picture with a story: Not an hour before this picture we were in Kirkland Home. I walked up to Stephanie holding fleece blankets and asked her how much they cost. 
S: "I think they are 2 for $7"
Me: "Why does it say $14?"
S: "There was a sign. Where did that sign go? I know there was a sign"
Me: "Steph. I think you are wrong... I don't see a sign"
S: {three minutes later} "Oh, here's the sign" 
She was carrying an 8 x 10 plastic sign around the store frantically trying to find that very sign. 
All this to say, the girl was tired. She absolutely fell out in the car before lunch. 
A little less shocking... Sharon slept too... WHILE twiddling her thumbs. 

See pictures above for reason number 626 why it is stupid to wake up at 4:00 am on Black Friday AND then continue to shop for ten hours... 

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Amy said...

thanks for making me nearly wet my pants w/ those pictures.

hey, i was so idiotic, I was in a LINE *OUTSIDE* of walmart, at 4:30 am.

in front of me?...more mullets than you could shake a stick at.