Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The results....

Dear blogger friends, 

You weren't very good at playing along with my game. 



Here are the reasons why those pictures were included: 

1. Station Plaza/Downtown Kirkwood
Although I fought it for many years of my life, I love Kirkwood. I don't see why so many Kirkwood graduates act like it's not a great place. It is. I especially love Station Plaza where I can't sit outside and eat sushi, drink at Bar Louie, and have coffee at Kaldis. In the summer I also get to enjoy live music with the fam. 

2. Imo's Pizza
I love it. Imo's lunch special with the house dressing and a pineapple pizza... delish. When I was in college they had Imo's in Cape, but it wasn't the same. St. Louis Imos is where it's at. 

3. Busch Stadium and the Cardinals. 
I love baseball season in St. Louis. I love free tickets. I love going with Abby. 

4. Castlewood State Park 
I have always loved Castlewood, but I adore it even more lately. Whenever it is nice out I sneak away from work and head to Castlewood. I hike around listening to worship music and singing by myself. I am sure I look crazy, but I really enjoy those afternoons. 

5. Forest Park
The greatest place ever. The zoo, art museum, sledding, boating, muny, history museum, running trails, balloon race... pretty much all things wonderful. I love Forest Park for many, many reasons. 

If you aren't from STL you should probably give all these things a go... they are the best. 


The Mom said...

Dearest Katie,
I was totally going to post & guess. And now that I see the 'answers', I saw that I got 4 out of 5 (I didn't know Castlewood Park).
Peace out! And Happy Thanksgiving Day (a day late)!

Amy said...

Oops, Sorry Katie....I commented w/ my 'other' blogger name.
Actually, go ck it out (if Amy hasn't sent it to you yet), it's my new website.

Amy said...

*AND, on that website, I'm giving away a pair of tickets to see LITTLE WOMEN. So, comment to win!

Amy said...

PS Sorry for leaving a bajillion comments.