Friday, February 11, 2011

Blog Post Numero 200

This is my 200th blog posting. What a huge celebration! Ha. I kid. But really.

A little update on my chaotic 2011:

1. The American Apparel Diet... also known as Katie on a clothes buying fast... is going well. We are approximately 42 days into the year and I have not bought one item of clothing. In fact, I have not even been tempted. Hopefully it continues to go so well. Summer clothes are so much cuter, so it may get more difficult.

2. Internships. I am interning at Kirkwood High School's counseling department and at Christian Family Services counseling agency. Both are awesome. I love the counselors I work with and the job that I do. It is a little scary that I am starting to think I could actually be a counselor someday...

3. Bikram. I just became a Karma Cleaner at the Bikram studio. This is the hot yoga that causes you to sweat like you never even knew possible. It is really expensive so I haven't been able to afford it. However, if you clean there one night a week for an hour ish you can go whenever you want for free. Saves me about 170 bucks a month. I am excited to start going as much as a can... and even more once my crazy semester is over.

4. Lacrosse. Two weeks until the first game. The girls are doing alright. They are all great so that is good, but it will be interesting to see how we stack up against our competition.

I think those are all my updates for now. I am uber excited February is almost over. I can't wait for outdoor lacrosse season.

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Les said...

Congrats on post 200! Your blog was the first blog I ever started reading! Miss you friend!