Monday, February 28, 2011

MBU Preseason Clinic

Three years ago when I started at MoBap I decided to try and host a preseason clinic. I thought this would be a good fundraiser to do to get the name of the school out in the area and provide an opportunity for high school students to prepare for their upcoming season. Each year the clinic has grown and has been quite a success. I am pretty proud of this vision I had. This year I struggled a lot with finding a date only to hear that two other local colleges were holding clinics. I was quite disappointed. However, I quickly learned the disappointment was unnecessary. I had approximately 130 girls between the two clinics. It was an exhausting day, as always, but still a great fundraiser and promoter for the MBU women's lacrosse team.

Teaching some skills to the new players

Some of the girls at the clinic

Shuttle Lines

Why is it that none of them look like they are paying attention? Ha. Regardless, it was a great day!

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Les said...

Way to go Coach Katie! :)