Sunday, February 6, 2011

Simple and Adorable Super Bowl Treat

As if I need another hobby I recently decided I really enjoy baking. I feel like I actually may be kind of good at it as well. I've gone through my phases of cake balls, cookies, and candies and have several ideas to try in the future. This idea was stolen from another blog, but turned out great. These are my oreo truffles as footballs.

Step 1: Completely smash a box of oreos (I actually did all but 7). I used a zip lock bag and a rolling pin to get them pretty much crushed.
Step 2: Mix the oreos with one block of cream cheese. I used reduced fat and they were still delicious.

Step 3: Shape the mixture into small footballs.
Step 4: Melt chocolate almond bark and dip the footballs in the almond bark. Let dry on waxed paper.
Step 5: Melt white chocolate almond bark and pour into a sandwich bag. Cut a small hole in the corner and use to make laces on the football.
These treats were a hit. They were both delicious and adorable. Fun treat to keep in mind for football games next fall!

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