Sunday, May 22, 2011

Birthday Weekend

This past Friday was my birthday. I didn't have any expectations and had not at all planned how I wanted to celebrate. As Tom and I talked on Friday we decided it would be nice to walk up to downtown Kirkwood for dinner. Lara Holley called right before we left and said she would join us after dinner. We had dinner at PJ's and drinks at Highlands. It was a great night. I didn't want a big party or anything special so it was fun to celebrate with two of my favorite St. Louisans.

Saturday my sisters, Tammy and Stephanie, came in town with their babies. We spent the day at the Flower Festival in downtown Kirkwood. It was a fun day with the babies and my sisters. However, with all of the babies it isn't necessarily a leisurely stroll through Kirkwood. Below is a picture of my sweet nephew, Joe, just smiling away while my sister was changing his diaper.

Saturday night we had homemade pizza birthday dinner at my parents house. My sister's birthday was the day before mine and Tom's was May 4th so we all celebrated together.

Trying to get a good picture with the three youngest babies

What a sweet little guy!
Me and Tom with our birthday cakes
My sister, Amy, with her birthday cake

And this girl...she LOVES her cake. She walks around all day saying "a caaaake, a caaake"
She was thrilled it was someones birthday so there would be cake to eat!
It was a great birthday weekend topped off with the celebration of Dr. David Holley's retirement. So fun. Next weekend...onto vacation!

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Tammy said...

Obviously Joe LOVES kisses from Aunt Katie!!!