Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Calm After the Storm

Right now I am definitely experiencing the calm after the storm...and it's very strange. After a very crazy spring life has slowed. At times I feel like it has almost slowed too much.

I have completed my 300 internship for my master's in counseling. I have also completed all of my classes. I have not technically graduated because I need to complete my portfolio and take my praxis this summer. I keep remembering what life was like before I was working on my master's degree. All I can say is my freedom is taking as much adjusting to as my crazy schedule did.

My season is over. I felt like we travelled so much this year, but we are finally done. We finished 7-7. I would have like a 9-5 record, but they still did very well. I am looking forward to next year. I have 7 new girls coming in as well. It will be very strange to have subs on my bench next year.

Bikram yoga. I am still cleaning the yoga studio once a week in exchange for free yoga. I am trying to find 30 days in a row that I will be in town so I can do that 30 Bikram challenge.

Travel. Next Friday I head to New York with a tournament team for Memorial Day weekend. I get home on Sunday night and leave Monday am with Tom to head to Keystone, CO. After that I will be around until July 7 when I head to Portland to see Heather for a week. It sounds like I am travelling a lot, but I am more concerned about those weeks I will be in St. Louis with NOTHING to do. I need a hobby.

All in all life is good. Things have settled down a lot and I am just enjoying some calm for a minute.

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Les said...

umm.....I have a solution to your weeks of nothing to do! Plan a day-cation to Cape G!! Let me know a week ahead of time and I'll ask off work! oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Love you,