Sunday, May 15, 2011

It went TOO fast!

For the last few months I have been anxiously anticipating my best friend's arrival in St. Louis. It finally came. She arrived last Sunday night. I picked her up Monday am and was able to see her almost every day she was here. However, the end of her visit seemed to come WAY too fast. As I get older I realize it is dang near impossible to make friends like the ones I had in high school. Those girls are truly the best... it's just a shame they live all over the country! Love you , Renee, and I enjoyed our visit more than you know!

Monday night was beautiful. We put on our sundresses and
walked up to Amigo's in downtown Kirkwood.
A few friends met us for a margarita and dinner
Heather and me
On Friday and Saturday night I spent some time at the Hyatt with Heather and her parents. This is the beautiful view from the hotel room. We felt like we were tourists hanging out downtown in a hotel room.

What a great trip! Come back soon!.... PLEASE!

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Heather R. Baker said...

I'll be back soon....Trust! Miss ya already!