Wednesday, July 20, 2011

End of Portland

The week in Portland flew by. I was there from Thursday morning until the following Thursday afternoon and couldn't believe how fast it went. We packed so much into our time and had such a great visit. It was sad to leave without another trip already in mind. Regardless, great visit with a very dear friend and her sweet family.

On the last night the great host and hostess treated me to a delicious sushi dinner at a local restaurant.
Heather and Dave at sushi
Me and Heather at sushi
Sweet Katrina tried every kind of sushi. What a brave girl. And she loved it!
Enjoying another great Oregon microbrew
Girl time after the rest of the Baker fam left

It was over too quickly and I was on my way back to hot and steamy STL. I flew through Las Vegas (random, I know) and was totally grossed out by all things Vegas. I have zero desire to ever go back. First of all, I couldn't find a dang sign to point me to my gate but these were everywhere:
Then there were people getting back massages from a young girl while taking in some oxygen at this establishment:
And when I looked out the window the Vegas strip was RIGHT there. The closest I have ever seen a downtown area to an airport. Not to mention, as we flew in I didn't see a speck of green. What a strange, strange place.
Thanks, again, Heather and Bakers for a wonderful trip. I miss you all already.