Monday, July 18, 2011

Dundee Hills Winery Half Marathon

I forgot to include this sweet card on my last blog entry:
Please notice the spelling on my last name on that :)

Sunday morning Heather and I woke up and headed to wine country for a half marathon. Heather decided on Saturday that she would do the race. I am so glad she did. It was a HARD course. I am so happy she was with me for the 13.1 up and down hills. As we drove we saw hot air balloons in the sky. It was a perfect day. The sun was shining and the high was 77 degrees.
Me and Heather at the starting line.
Dundee Hills
The rest are pictures from the race. People took pictures as we ran because it was SO beautiful and everyone knew they were not going to get their best time.

Check out Heather running uphill!
Through the beautiful but dusty vineyards. (I promise my running form isn't that awkward)
Heather running uphill (AGAIN)
Finally some pavement, but still up and down hill.

This was a tough one!
Beautiful blue skies.
This is mid race. We stopped and some lady offered to take a picture for us.
That is how un racelike it was.
The longest (and most beautiful) downhill
Finally Finishing!
And a little post race Vino.
Although this race was HARD and the times weren't great it was one of my favorite ever. The course was beautiful and the race was so well organized including a post race wine tasting. I loved every moment. What a wonderful way to spend a morning in Oregon wine country.

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