Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Decorating for the Humble Abode

We had a very busy weekend (as you will see from multiple blog posts) but Tom and I really wanted to try and get a Christmas tree on Saturday. I thought it would be fun to cut one down ourselves as I have never done that before. I found a place just out in O'Fallon. We had a small window of time on a beautiful 60 degree December Saturday so we head on out there. Sunbrite Christmas Tree farm is a random little place with 70 acres full of trees. Tom and I grabbed a little cart and hike on out to find our perfect little tree. We couldn't hike out too far because of limited time so we hoped we would find a good one closer to the front of the property.
Tom with saw and cart heading out to find a tree
Some of the trees to choose from
We found the perfect tree and Tom had it cut down before I could even snap a pic
We loaded that little guy on the cart and head on back

Don't worry, I didn't do any sawing
Tom carting our tree back
After a busy Saturday night and Sunday we finally had an opportunity to decorate on Sunday night. Just a few things in the small space, but the perfect amount to get me into the holiday spirit.

This is the "mistletoe" Tom made me last year for our homemade Christmas gift exchange
We are ready for the season now! Bring on the holidays.

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