Friday, December 2, 2011

Spreading a Little Holiday Cheer

For many years I have been my family's official Christmas light hanger. I can't remember if I have been doing this job since high school or early college, but it's definitely been a good 5-10 years. Yesterday was a balmy 50 degrees so we decided to get out and get the job done. We got new lights this year since my mom was not such a fan of the LED lights we hung last year. The whole experience was better than last year since the ladder wasn't swaying from the wind....that was slightly frightening. It took just about two hours from start to finish and turned out beautifully.

Climbing the ladder to the second story roof
A picture of me all the way up there
My second job while up on the ladder is removing the leaves from the gutter.
So gross, but at least we kill two birds with one stone.
I may or may not have dropped the leaves on my dad's head once yesterday.
He was trying to be mad, but he thought it was funny too.
The views from up top

These two shots were taken the minute we finished.
Just in the nick of time before it was too dark.

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