Monday, December 26, 2011

It's the Best Time of the Year!

What a wonderful (and chaotic) Rau family Christmas. I only got pictures from Christmas day with my family because there was just so much going on. It truly is more fun to celebrate Christmas with little ones. I was so excited for all the gifts I had to give and couldn't wait to watch the kids on Christmas morning. There are a ton of pictures in this post, but the kids were too cute not to capture again and again.
The Young Kids in their Christmas PJs from Mama

Looks like somebody isn't a fan of the pictures

All the cousins

The youngest catching some z's

Dane, Delaney, and Claire waiting patiently for gifts

Dane and Reese
Dane was a little too preoccupied to pose for a good picture

The Christmas tree with the gifts on Christmas morning

Claire and Delaney in their matching PJs

Reese is the youngest so he gets the first Christmas gift of the year

present opening was mostly a group project

For the big gifts: present delivering was a group project

Sweet Joe opening a gift

He's such a sweet drooly man...hopefully those teeth come in soon

Claire opening her Bitty Baby

Tommy and Dane

Me and Tommy on Christmas morning
I had a great time making an alphabet book for the younger kids. I collected pictures of them and compiled them from A-Z so they could learn words while looking at their cousins.

Dane looking at his alphabet book

Claire looking at her alphabet book

Tammy shows Joe his alphabet book
I had so much fun making that gift this year. I couldn't wait to give it!
Reese takes another nap

Tom and I each had a sleepy baby

Delaney got MANY horse things this year.
This is a HUGE horse book I bought for her.

All the little boys got Santa suit pjs this year.
Trey was in Heaven. It is 48 hours later and I am not sure he has taken them off yet.
It was a 50 degree Christmas Day. Dane LOVES the outdoors and insisted he get the chance to get outside and play. He ran and ran around his Memaws yard until it was dinner time.

Look at that sweet face

I loved watching all the kids chase "Santa" around the backyard

What a fun and festive Christmas. I loved seeing the joy on the kids' faces all day. Tom's nephew, Connor, was just as cute but I forgot my camera when I went to their house :(

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