Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Little Boy and His LOVE for Santa and Sleighs

I have written in the past about how much my little nephew, Trey, absolutely loves Santa. He truly believes more than any kid I have ever known. His love for Santa goes beyond a simple desire to receive gifts from that big Jolly guy. He especially loves to use different things as "reindeer" and fly his sleigh around the house. I believe this obsession is going on three or four years now. I sure hope it doesn't die anytime soon.
Trey with his sleigh about three years ago
Trey as a reindeer with the sleigh and Santa's bag of gifts
Trey with his sleigh and "pigdeer"
Just this past weekend Trey was at mama and papa's and wanted to play with their silver sleigh. My mom hadn't yet pulled out her sleigh this year and couldn't get Trey to stop begging her to get it out. After much begging I told Trey we could make a sleigh. I pulled out a box from a shipment and he went to decorating. Before I knew it he had a sleigh complete with Snoopy as the reindeer and a stuff Santa sitting inside.
This is one proud boy. So happy with his "homemade" sleigh.
Let the obsession continue...

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Anonymous said...

Love my little guy and his love for Santa. it's makes Christmas so much fun.