Friday, December 7, 2012

A Visit to the Lake

Just figuring out a bit with the blog, but now I am back in working order. One of the first weekends in November Tom and I were able to get away for about 24 hours to go to the lake for the weekend and see my sister, Tammy. It was a really fast weekend but it was very enjoyable. 

The weather was unbelievable so we changed up our shopping plans and spent Saturday afternoon in the woods shooting some guns. I am not much for gun shooting but it really was a good time. 
Tom and me with our ear muffs on
Tom enjoyed this big guy... I didn't even try
Just tinking away at the targets
receiving a little instruction

I'm not sure...

After  a great Saturday outside we made appetizers for dinner and played cards all evening. Saturday morning we woke up, went to breakfast and hit up the outlet malls. Tom and I stocked up for the year. Before we went Joe showed us his favorite past times of clearing out the pumpkin decoration. 
He climbs up with an adorable innocent smile on his face
the quickly grabs them and throws them one by one 
tammy puts them back up and removes joe from the step. before you know it he is at it again!
The problem is that he is super cute as he causes this mischief!

What a fun weekend. Maybe next year we will be able to get down there in the summer. 

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