Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

This was the second year Tom and I cut down a Christmas tree. I was really excited to decorate our house this year. We went out on a gorgeous 70 degree day the first weekend in December. His mom, sister, brother in law and nephew joined us. It was a bit bizarre to be cutting a Christmas tree down in shorts (or sweating in long sleeves) but it was really nice to simply enjoy being outside. We hiked all over and Tom found a perfect little tree. 

Connor was so sweet with his Christmas pants and boots on 
best good buddies

Tom was normal but OF COURSE my eyes are closed

Tom cuts down our teeny tiny baby tree
Connor helping Tom pull the tree
 It didn't take any time at all to get the tree up and decorated. We have very few ornaments so we really couldn't have had any bigger however, it does look a bit small in our living room. Regardless, we love the festivity of the tree and lights at this time of the year. Nothing is quite as warm feeling as Christmas lights and a fire in the fire place.

I made the Merry Christmas from the Mueths sign that hangs in front of our house
 I've been wanting to start some traditions of our own since I grew up on holiday traditions. I guess traditions come a bit more naturally but I wanted to be somewhat intentional about them. I decided a great way of building our ornament collection would be through buying each other an ornament representing the year. The ornaments were left in our shoes by each other on St. Nick's Day. Hope this is a tradition that lasts. I gave Tom a house since this is the year we bought our first house. He gave me a lantern as an inside joke from our wedding.

our humble little tree without any presents 

 I am looking forward to the rest of the holiday season. It's fun to be Mrs. Mueth and to share this time of year with both of our families.

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