Thursday, December 27, 2012

New York, New York!

I have always wanted to see New York at Christmastime. I finally decided this was the year. I got a ticket for a week in December and was thrilled to go see a good friend and my cousin. I stayed in Midtown for three nights and the upper east side for one night. Both areas were great to explore and enjoy the beauty that is NYC at Christmas. I had such a great time and hope to take my mom with me sometime in the near future. She would love all the sights and sounds of NYC at Christmas.

These photos are in no particular order...some of the sights of New York at Christmas time. 
View of Central Park from the NYAC looking toward the Upper East Side

me at the NYAC
This picture captures some of the craziness. Looking down Fifth Avenue. 
The Empire State Building from Bryant Park

My friend lives very close to the Chrysler Building. I probably walked by it ten times
before I finally looked up and saw it there.  

Sweet Corniglia made my week. She was such a trooper as we went all over New York
She does this little pose every time she sees someone on their phone. So sweet. 
pretty view out of Whitney's family's apartment
Grand Central of our favorite places on my first ever NYC trip

Kevin McAllister's hotel
Rockefeller Tree! 

Windows at Saks
Santa Con took place while we were there. It was pretty much a Santa themed city wide bar hop.
I literally saw thousands of Santas in one day. So hilarious. 

a pretty street on Upper East Side
Me, Corniglia and Whitney at Rockefeller Tree
What a fun trip! Thanks Whitney and Sarah. I can't wait to go back.

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